Our catering service starts from party minimum for 25 people and the maximum number we are capable to serve at the moment is 3000 which we are working to increase in near future. We serve any social event or other gathering does not matter whether it is arranged in a house, hall, hotel, hospital, pub, ship, leisure centre or event venue up to Five Star. We take orders for private catering, wedding, team feeding, corporate, full event management and any occasional catering like Eid, Puja, Christmas, Buddha Purnima, Pahela Boishakh, Iftar for Ramadan, Independence Day, Victory Day, International Mother Language Day, seminars, baby shower, akika, picnic, school, college or any education institute programme, sport events, garden party, Martyr Commemoration etc. We organise equipments like chef in dish, cutleries and clothes and all types of catering related professional staff for hire, floristry, lighting, entertainment, or anything else you may need to bring your event into light. Marquee setting and assistance in venue finding is also part of our service.