About Us

Situated at the heart of the mega city London, Mezbani Masala- Kitchen is a quality catering service provider to the local multicultural community. Our services include full management of weddings, birthdays, conferences, office parties, charities and other organisation programme and all types of events. Apart from catering and event management, our goal is to assist our customers through the process of planning, organising and executing their events. We have set a menu covering rich and delicious dishes from the wide range of traditional Bangladeshi and Indian food with a touch of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Over the last eight years, we have established ourselves as a quality food provider and event organiser among Bangladeshi and other communities. This high standard has only become possible for our maintenance of quality, quantity and timing of our service. We focus on customer satisfaction on top of anything else. This page is created to make the ordering process and menu access more convenient for our customers. With this page, our customers will be able to generate their own quotes by choosing the particular dishes and services they want and thereby confirm their orders over phone in a more convenient way. Besides, if customers are interested to visit our place, they are always welcome as we are always there to assist them.

Our Specialities

Experience matters!

We believe experience is a major factor in sectors like cooking, catering and management. Our head chef is well equipped with the knowledge and experience of cooking as he has spent thirty long years in this sector. His vast experience is reflected in the wide range of dishes that our menu covers. Besides, he can make any Bangladeshi or Indian dish even from outside our menu as per customer recommendation. Our high skilled management team has a good understanding of catering and event requirements and they can guide the customers towards the best organisation of their events.


Never Ignore Food Hygiene

We believe food hygiene and other safety measures must be given top priority by any caterer operating in the market to make an event safe and healthy for everyone. Therefore our customers are welcome to visit our premises before proceeding with their orders. About all other safety measures including allergen information and individual item ingredients customers are always encouraged to contact our highly experienced consulting team so that they can have a clear picture of what they are having long before the commencement of the programme. Our team is dedicated to value each and every guest attending a programme as they are the ones the programme is arranged for. We always make sure our food is prepared with the freshest ingredients available in the market. Even meats are collected from our suppliers on a party to party basis.

Quality, Quantity, Timing

Our customers have been our sole referrers so far in building our reputation. This has been possible only because we have maintained the trademark high quality of our food and service over the years. In regards to food quantity we offer customers a double refund of the total price if food is found less than the quantity settled with us. Our food is served in sealed airtight packaging so hot dishes remain hot in a standard temperature. We guarantee to deliver our food on time so that customers do not have to face any sort of humiliation in front of their guests.